“Just the Beginning of a Long Fight”, Modi Thanks the Entire Nation for Curfew Response



Janta Curfew was an initiative introduced by our Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi to combat the spread of coronavirus during the wake of the “2020 Coronavirus Pandemic” in India. Prime Minister Modi requested all citizens of India to observe a self-imposed curfew, starting from 7 am to 9 pm (Indian Standard Time) on Sunday, 22 nd March 2020 to stop the spreading of the aforesaid virus. The Janta Curfew which started from 7 am to 9 pm was a 14 hour event, during which people were requested to stay at their homes and not interact with other people in public places and to maintain social distancing. All the citizens were requested to follow the guidelines of the Janta Curfew except:-

  1. Police
  2. Medical Services
  3. Media
  4. Home Delivery services
  5. Firefighters

These people were exempted from the curfew as they all fall under “Essential Services” Since all of these exempted people were going outside all over the country and doing their respective jobs and risking themselves from catching the coronavirus, PM Narendra Modi on 22 nd March asked all the citizens to stand in their doorways, verandas or windows and clap their hands or ring their bells for five minutes in appreciation for the people doing the nation’s essential services. This event was trending on twitter as #IndiaFightsCorona. The Prime Minister also urged the youth of the country to start informing 10 others about the Janta Curfew and encourage everyone to stay at home.



Prime Minister Modi said that the “14 Hour long Janta Curfew followed on Sunday was just the beginning of a long fight against the corona virus outbreak”. He applauded the people for showing their overwhelming response towards this event and said that, together the countrymen can defeat any challenge. Since our Prime Minister is very active through social media, especially on twitter, he posted many tweets on this event and in brief they stated as follows:-

Though the Janta Curfew ended at 9:00 PM, it doesn’t mean we should start celebrating just right after it.

The self-imposed curfew should not be considered as a success but rather should be viewed as step towards the long battle against the coronavirus.

During the Janta Curfew, the countrymen have proved that they are capable and ready to face any challenge together.

The Prime Minister thanked the elderly women of the country for showing their support to those fighting the deadly virus and in pertinent to this, He also shared a video which shows his mother beating a plate in support of the people risking their lives to fight this disease. Further he said and quote “ With the grace of crores of mothers like you (in context to the PM’s mother) , the doctors, nurses, medical staff, police personnel, security personnel, sanitation workers and members of the media fighting corona virus are encouraged”
During the Curfew, Some states had taken precautions such as shutting down of Metro Services, suburban Trains, Buses, Trams and Monorail services. In states like Tamil Nadu, visitors were denied entry during the curfew. Only the people who work for “essential services” were allowed to board local trains in Mumbai and the railway industry has suffered a great cutback due to cancellation of more than 3,700 trains.


Overall this Janta Curfew event was a really good step taken by the Prime Minister and will surely show results in the coming months. The Citizens of India united and displayed their capability and thus this unity of the people during these unfortunate times will reap benefits in the long running battle to eradicate Corona virus from India. Currently this virus has killed seven people and has infected 360 in India, and thus we should be more careful in our interactions with other people and begin to break the chain of this infection. We should be Alert not Anxious in this battle.