Biden challenges Trump with ‘Buy American’ economic plan2 min read


Democratic presidential contender Joe Biden laid out his plans for an economic recovery for the coronavirus-impaired US economy while rebuking President Donald Trump as incompetent.

Presumptive Democratic nominee, Mr. Biden said that his $700bn (£560bn) plan would be the biggest investment in the US economy since World War Two.

He said that the “Build Back Better” agenda would encourage a manufacturing and technology jobs boom.

The Trump campaign countered that the plan would inflict “catastrophe”.
On Thursday, in his speech at a metalworks firm near his childhood hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, Mr. Biden said the president’s failures had “come with a terrible human cost and a deep economic toll”.
It was said by Mr. Biden that “Time and again, working families are paying the price for this administration’s incompetence.”

The coronavirus pandemic and its economic fallout, which has pushed tens of millions of Americans into unemployment, is expected to dominate November’s election.

Trump administration’s handling of the pandemic has concerned many voters and his divisive approach to the country’s recent wave of anti-racism protests has also come under sharp scrutiny.

According to opinion polls, Mr Biden has an almost double-digit lead over Mr Trump.

Analysts have advised caution in over-interpreting the polls, however, Mr Biden’s lead is far greater than that of Mr Trump’s 2016 opponent Hillary Clinton at the same point in the campaign.

Mr Biden presented an economic programme, which he said would create at least five million jobs in manufacturing and innovation.

The former vice-president, who served under Barack Obama, Mr Biden, said that a key theme of his plan was to “Buy American” and he suggested a $400bn increase in government spending on US-made products, in addition to spending $300bn on the research and development of new technologies, including electric vehicles and 5G networks.

He added that when the federal government spends taxpayers’ money, they should use it to buy American products and support American jobs.

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