‘Fake Covid-19 reports’: HC stays arrest of two Amritsar doctors, seeks probe report2 min read

By- Tithi Agarwal

More than a month after a FIR registered by Punjab Vigilance Bureau booking two doctors for issuing false Covid-positive reports in Amritsar, on 31st June, Punjab and Haryana High Court stayed the Punjab police from arresting two doctors and wanted an enquiry report in the suspected event of making fake Covid-19 reports in Amritsar in June. On 23rd June, a FIR was registered by Punjab Vigilance Bureau and then a plea by Dr Robin Tuli and Dr Mohinder Singh was given to High Court looking for anticipatory bail for the same and High Court acted on it.
GS Dhuriwala, the state’s counsel, communicated the court about the medical board, which was constituted on June 18, is investigating the matter. During the investigation, the court was informed about the 72 cases that was professed positive by Tuli Diagnostic Centre, Amritsar, and cycle threshold values were handwritten on test requisition slips. Additionally, it was also informed that no printout from machine was available for examination and no raw data or graph was present to know whether the figures given by the lab match those generated by the machine.
Whereas, senior advocate RS Rai, doctor’s counsel who were appearing for doctors, contended that the reports are in fact computer generated and there might be a noting on the side of computerised reports regarding Covid-19 Virus Qualitative PCR.
The high court bench of justice Jaishree Thakur wanted a report from the medical board in a sealed cover along with a photocopy of 72 positive reports purported to have been handwritten. While fixing the next date as 17th August for hearing and staying the arrest of both the doctors, the court said that apart from these reports, if there is other evidence available against the petitioners, that too is to be submitted.
As stated in reports, these two doctors were in conspiracy with others supposedly made fake Covid-19 positive reports at their laboratory to cheat patients. The unproven racket had surfaced in June when at least four patients, reported to be Covid-19 positive at the accused’s lab, turned out to be negative for the disease after a retest at the lab in Government Medical College (GMC), Amritsar, the reports had claimed. On June 23, Punjab vigilance bureau registered a case against the owner of TDC, Dr Tuli, and others for attempt to murder, fraud, criminal conspiracy and corruption.

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