Michael Flynn: Appeal court to re-hear case of ex-Trump aide2 min read

By- Tithi Agarwal

On 30th July, the United States Appeals court agreed to re-hear the arguments of ex-Trump aide, Michael Flynn’s case. The arguments are based over efforts to drop charges against Michael Flynn, one of the aides of Trump, which was imprisoned of lying. It will be based on whether the judge will grant a request to dismiss his criminal case against Flynn or not.

Michael Flynn, ex-National Security Adviser and also a former three-star US general, was the highest-ranking official caught by the special counsel investigation into Russian interfering in the 2016 election. Last month, a federal court ordered to discharge his above charges.

After a month of the three-judge panel decided in favour of Flynn and asked the US District Judge Emmet Sullivan in Washington to grant the Justice Department’s gesture to clear Flynn, On 11th August, an oral argument will be held in this case in US Court of Appeals.

Earlier, Flynn was involuntarily forced to quit his job prematurely in the Trump presidency for being dishonest to Vice-President Mike Pence about his acquaintances with Russian government officials and how Russia was interfering in US Presidency campaigns. The order of dropping all charges against him despite Russia contacts, was being questioned and was asked to re-think by Sullivan.

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Whereas, Donald Trump, President of United States was seen cheering for this huge victory order in a tweet and asked for James Comey, fired FBI director to apologise to him.

However, Emmet Sullivan, US District Judge requested the court to reassess the order of dropping all charges from Flynn, denoting that dropping the case was not precedented and to be examined cautiously.

An oral argument is held in less than two weeks on this case, which is agreed by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. It is said by the Democrats that Flynn’s case is a perfect instance of Attorney General playing a high-profile political and legal fight involving US President. And on 11th August, his fate will be decided.