US govt has formally notified the UN of the decision to withdraw from WHO2 min read

By- Tanisha Pandey

President Donald Trump’s government has formally notified the United Nations of its decision to withdraw from the World Health Organisation (WHO). According to the United States officials report, the country is breaking off ties with the global health body amid the pandemic. Earlier also, the US government had accused WHO of siding with China on the virus outbreak, which had originated in the Chinese city Wuhan in late 2019. As per the US, WHO has misled the world which resulted in the death of over half a million people globally.

The US is the largest funder to the World Health Organisation and contributes over more than USD 450 million per annum, while China’s contribution to the global health body is about one-tenth to that of the US.

UN statement on US withdrawal:

 On 6 July 2020 Stephane Dujarric, spokesman of the UN Secretary-General stated that United States has notified the Secretary-General of UN, in his capacity as a depositary of the 1946 constitution of WHO, of its withdrawal from WHO effective on July 6, 2021.

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He also mentioned that the Secretary-General is in the process of verifying with the World Health Organisation (WHO) whether all the conditions for the withdrawal are met.

Will the US reverse its decision?

According to the report United States has been part of the World Health Organisation (WHO) constitution since June 21, 1948. The participation of the US was accepted by the World Health Assembly and there were some certain conditions set out by the United States from its eventual withdrawal from the body.

These declared conditions/norms included giving one- year notice which means that the withdrawal will not go into effect till July 6, 2021. This raises the possibility that the decision by Trump administration can be reversed by a new government, if elected, after the presidential elections in November 2020.